Garden Design

Garden Design

You have totally transformed my suburban garden – the designs have given me hope for something so much more magical than I’d ever have dreamed for our small town patch!” [Sue, Bangor]

We offer a range of different ways to revitalise your garden, depending on what you need and your budget.

In our comprehensive garden design service, we work closely with you to create full, detailed, to-scale garden designs. If you’re not looking for that scale of project but want to revive or refresh your garden, we also develop planting plans for existing spaces and we revitalise gardens with fresh ideas in our Garden Enhancement service. All the details are below. 

Plants sit at the heart of what we do – as features, for texture, as edibles, for wildlife and more – and so planting plans come as standard within our design work. We can also offer plant sourcing and planting implementation. And we can work closely with clients and their chosen landscaping companies to advise on implementing hard landscape and construction elements of designs where appropriate.

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We are a garden design company with a difference. We marry the aesthetics of great garden design with a design approach called permaculture, which uses the principles of nature to create thriving, sustainable and productive spaces.

“Patch of the Planet produced a wonderful plan that gave the garden shape and interest and included everything I was hoping for.” [Linda, Warrington]

Our gardens are marked out by their organic shapes and naturalistic styles, a tendency to embed edible elements throughout the design, and by the way they make nature thrive. Every design is unique, guided by your ideas, your vision and your input throughout.

We place a particular emphasis on sustainable garden design, created to have a positive impact on the planet. We’re always on the search for the most environmentally sensitive approaches we can find. We use reclaimed materials, create beautiful bespoke features from available materials on site and design gardens that require minimal energy to work.

It all adds up to something special. Gardens that reflect uniquely who you are and what you love and that thrive as a little patch of the planet.

You can read about a few of the garden designs we’ve worked on in our portfolio.

Contact us to discuss your ideas or to arrange a free* consultation visit

What we do

Service 1: Garden concepts: The first step of a full, detailed garden design is concept designs. We can provide just concepts if you’d like some ideas to get your own creativity rolling. We’ll hold a consultation meeting with you, lightly survey the site and then develop at least two differing sketch design concepts for you. One of our clients writes a blog about her project to implement one of our concept designs. You can read that here.

Service 2: Garden enhancement: Many gardens really benefit from some tweaks to the layout, installation of some new elements to add interest and a fresh boost of planting. Often, that can be done without undertaking a large design project with building work and hard landscaping and all the extra costs that come with that. Our Garden Enhancement service is our mid-range option. We work up a design that aims to revive your garden with improvements to shape, plants and structure at a lower cost than full re-design, focusing on soft landscaping, planting and features.  

Service 3: Full garden designs: Our most popular package is full garden design. We will work closely with you to understand your desires and vision, develop concepts and work with you to develop these in to the right design for your garden. We look to transform it in to a new, thriving and beautiful space that works just as you need it to. We’ll prepare a full, detailed, to-scale garden design. Our garden designs always include planting plans as standard at no extra cost. 

Service 4: Planting plans: You may already have a garden design or have had your garden landscaped. You may want to revamp the planting without re-shaping of the garden, or may want to focus on revising just one area of your garden. We can prepare planting plans with details of plants to introduce, how many and where to place them. 

Plus: Plant sourcing and garden implementation: We can source and buy plants for the garden if you would like us to. We can also undertake some soft landscaping work to complete the garden after landscaping work has happened by introducing the plants and other soft features. We also often create bespoke features which we can also implement for you. Costs for this are on a case by case basis.

If any of this sounds of interest, feel free to get in touch for an informal chat. We can discuss your needs and ideas and help suggest which service fits your needs best.

Note: We do not prepare detailed construction plans for hard landscaping but are happy to liaise with landscapers to talk through the requirements of garden designs we create.

What you might find in a Patch of the Planet Garden

Whilst every garden is unique to you, there are some elements we particularly specialise in.

Edibles: Imagine a garden rich with beautiful flowers, rich beds of perennials, trees, shrubs, lawns, areas for relaxing and playing. Then imagine being able to eat your way around it – an edible garden. A design that combines beauty with abundance, mixing delicious fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and leaves. It looks good, it does what your garden needs to do, and it tastes good too.


Nature: Every one of our gardens is designed to work in harmony with your needs and those of nature, with features and systems that support biodiversity. Sometimes you’ll see them – think bird boxes – and sometimes they’ll be there subtly, helping the birds or the bees in the background. Plants for a mix of pollinators, habitats for birds or bats or hedgehogs, rest spots for birds or bees and ponds all often feature, all guided by you.


Function: Form and function go together in a great garden design. We are passionate about bringing our gardens to busy, family gardens. We even wrote about it in Permaculture Magazine. The classic family garden is often a wonderfully busy space with a lot of competing demands. We know it all-too-well. They can also be beautiful, thriving, productive spaces whilst creating enhancing experiences for children, space to relax and entertain and room for the pets. Our gardens can bring it all together.


Forest gardens: At the edge of a woodland there is a wide diversity of plants all working together in a vibrant system at different layers. Forest gardens are designed in a way that is guided by that sort of structure, but with plants that are edible and productive too. The end results is beautiful, rich and abundant. We can create forest gardens, even in fairly small spaces.


Space: We usually integrate seating areas and paths, usually by re-using materials or sourcing reclaimed ones. And we often retain or introduce lawns for play, entertaining or open space, usually including a wider diversity of plants than just grass. We don’t really create “outdoor rooms” that are made up primarily of hard landscaping and high-energy gadgets.

All of which means that our designs match the Patch of the Planet ethos of vibrant, living patches that tread lightly on the Earth.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas

You can read about a few of the garden designs we’ve worked on in our portfolio

Next step – get in touch

If you’re interested in discussing ideas around a garden design project with Patch of the Planet, contact us by email or phone to talk it through. We are happy to talk through ideas or the process, even if you’re only at a very early stage of thinking things through. 

* So long as you live within 15 miles of South Warrington that first consultation and quote is free. If you’re further away, it costs from £20 to cover our costs. 

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