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We are experienced garden designers, based in Warrington, just north of Cheshire. We work with clients across the Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire to design and create beautiful, thriving gardens.
We create full garden designs or planting plans and can see projects through to implementation too. We work closely one-to-one with each client to imagine and then realise the garden they are looking for.
As we see it, every outdoor space is a patch of the planet and we think every space wants to thrive. We believe that a garden should work perfectly for people whilst enriching nature too.
So our gardens are designed carefully in harmony with nature and when we create them, we look to have the lowest impact we can on the planet. That means you can be sure we will design gardens that are not only beautiful and practical, but that tread lightly and are a haven for nature too.
Our gardens usually include edible elements throughout as well as features to attract and support wildlife. Our designs put a heavy emphasis on the plants and we tend towards organic shapes and natural forms.
We believe in the potential of every green space. So we also work with community groups and on larger public space design to bring abundance and nature to as many patches of the planet as we can. And we run courses to share skills and knowledge in ecological gardening.
Get in touch for an informal chat to discuss your ideas at info@patchoftheplanet.com or 01925 565 665


We work very closely with our clients to discuss your ideas, develop concepts for your garden, draw up detailed designs and create inspiring planting plans. We can work with you all the way through to implementation of the garden. Find out more
We have worked with community groups to create public growing projects, community orchards and more. We also work with companies to imagine and design public green spaces. Find out more
We are passionate about what we do and we run a number of public training workshops every year to help build peoples' skills and confidence in planet-friendly gardening. We also offer individual training and advice consultations. Find out more



Patch of the Planet garden design is run by Dina and Neil Kingsnorth.
Our broad experience combines skills and training in garden design and care with professional experience working on global and local environmental issues. Our knowledge and experience of organising community projects and professional training and teaching experience mean we can work with a wide range of clients and projects.
Dina Kingsnorth
Dina Kingsnorth

Dina combines her formal Diploma training in Professional Garden Design with her love of painting and planting. She has been organically gardening and propagating for over a decade. She is passionate about creating beautiful, productive spaces and promoting sustainable living.

    Neil Kingsnorth
    Neil Kingsnorth

    Neil is a certified permaculture designer and is currently working through the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. He has written for Permaculture magazine and has been organic and permaculture gardening for over fifteen years.  He has previously worked in community-based charities, including as Chief Executive of The Orchard Project and Head of Activism at Friends of the Earth.

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      Here's how to get in touch:
      E-mail: info@patchoftheplanet.com Phone: 01925 565 665

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