A self-sufficiency smallholding project in the heart of rural Pembrokeshire

Patch of the Planet is nestled on the foothills of the ancient Preseli hills, with beautiful views, a wealth of neolithic history surrounding it, the stunning, raw beauty rural Pembrokeshire all around and the famous coast and beaches just 25 minutes away.
    We are creating a space that works in harmony with nature, where we provide for ourselves and the local community from the land. The project is all about the local and the simple - everything we can't provide for ourselves is sourced within a few miles and as far as possible, we keep things simple, slow and small. We want to nurture and regenerate this piece of land, rebuild its biodiversity and protect the climate, whilst providing for our needs.
      We keep a few animals that we work with to manage the land. The sheep cut our grass and provide wool, the goats manage the brambles, the chickens and ducks help with the weeding and provide eggs for our protein and calcium, the bees pollinate the flowers. And we don't eat the animals that work with us. They live out long lives alongside us.
        As well as creating our food and the food for our animals, we grow timber for fire, mulch and charcoal and we create art, woodwork, music and pottery.
          The whole space welcomes wildlife and our willow woodland nature reserve is set aside specially for our wilder visitors. Look up and you'll see many more, including regular visits from Red Kites.
            If you'd like a holiday with us, we're very well situated to enjoy the whole area and offer two dedicated, stove-heated bell tents on generous plots. You can find out a little more here

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            To find out more or to enquire about a holiday booking with us, please send us an email. Follow us on Facebook to stay in touch with all our latest news.