We believe that every outdoor space is a patch of the planet and we think every space wants to thrive. So we design beautiful, edible spaces in harmony with nature and we run courses on planet-friendly gardening.

  • We design and create nature-rich and edible gardens
  • We work with community groups to help them to realise their vision for an abundant, vibrant green space
  • And we run courses to share skills and knowledge in ecological gardening

We bring garden and permaculture design expertise, a creative flair and solid experience in environmental projects. We couple that with a passion for beautiful, abundant gardens. All of our patches are designed in such a way that everything works together as a stunning, healthy, enriching, living space. 

We are based in Warrington, north of Cheshire. 

Patch of the Planet garden design 

Our garden designs provide beauty, comfort and abundance for you in ways that support nature to thrive too. We create garden designs, concept designs and planting plans and can  undertake mini-design projects to help improve existing spaces.

We are passionate about edible gardens and like to integrate food growing areas and edible plants in to any space.

We meet with you to discuss what you need, create concepts for your garden and then develop detailed designs with planting plans. Depending on the design and your needs, we can also see through the creation of the space.

Find out more about our garden design service.


Because we believe in what we do, we like to help others to do it too. We run a courses in the Warrington area throughout the year, on topics that help you build the skills to garden in harmony with nature.

Find out about the latest planned courses and our bespoke training and consultancy here. 

Patch of the Planet community and landscape projects

Patch of the Planet - apple on treeWe work with community groups and landowners to develop rich and vibrant spaces for communities.

If you are in a group that has access to a patch of community land and would like to put it good use to grow together, or create a nature area, we may be able to work with you.

If you are a landowner looking to develop a nature-rich or edible space or to create a community-linked project, then contact us to discuss your ideas.

We can also provide training and guidance to help your group get to grips with how to look after your patch.

Get in touch to have a chat.

We do this for a reason

We have a long and lasting commitment to a healthy and recovering planet so we believe in what we do. We are driven by a desire to rebuild abundance, one patch at a time. That means you can be sure we will design gardens that are not only beautiful and practical, but that tread lightly and are a haven for nature too.

Our work is guided by a set of principles. And pleasingly, because our designs are low in hard landscaping and high in planting, they are also naturally affordable.