Introducing: Sweet Cicely
Photo of Seet Cicely by Soren Holt -

By Neil Beautiful, delicious, easy to grow and fantastic for pollinators. What’s not to love about Sweet Cicely? Credentials: Common names: It has a few! Sweet Cicely, Cicely, Sweet Bracken, Garden Myrrh, Great Chervil, Sweet Chervil, Shepherd’s Needle, Myrrh, Sweet-Scented Myrrh, British myrrh, Sweet fern, Sweet Mary and no doubt a few others… Not to […]

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Introducing: Wild Strawberry

By Neil Wild strawberry – simple to grow, tasty and plays a very useful role. There is every reason to grow it in your patch. A teaspoon of soil contains a billion living things. These microbes are interacting with each other and with the plants nearby to shift nutrients around and breakdown organic matter. So […]

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