Introducing: Sweet Cicely
Photo of Seet Cicely by Soren Holt -

By Neil Beautiful, delicious, easy to grow and fantastic for pollinators. What’s not to love about Sweet Cicely? Credentials: Common names: It has a few! Sweet Cicely, Cicely, Sweet Bracken, Garden Myrrh, Great Chervil, Sweet Chervil, Shepherd’s Needle, Myrrh, Sweet-Scented Myrrh, British myrrh, Sweet fern, Sweet Mary and no doubt a few others… Not to […]

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Introducing: Wild Strawberry

By Neil Wild strawberry – simple to grow, tasty and plays a very useful role. There is every reason to grow it in your patch. A teaspoon of soil contains a billion living things. These microbes are interacting with each other and with the plants nearby to shift nutrients around and breakdown organic matter. So […]

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How to grow Katniss – the Hunger Games plant

By Neil If you’ve seen, watched or heard of the Hunger Games, the dark trilogy in which children in a ruthless dictatorship are forced to fight to the death in an annual celebration, then you’ll have heard of Katniss Everdeen, the accidental hero who assists the rebellion. Katniss, like her younger sister Primrose (Prim), is […]

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