We put a lot of weight on the importance of community. People, working together, can do amazing things in their community and beyond. That’s why we work with community groups as well as doing individual, private garden design.

We also believe passionately in the potential for permaculture design to help transform gardening and our relationship with green spaces in towns and cities.

So Patch of the Planet is launching a new permaculture network and hands-on permaculture practice group in Warrington.  In a promising sign of the potential of permaculture, the launch event, in mid-April, filled up fast and we had to close bookings a week before the event itself.  

If you are interested in supporting, building and sharing permaculture practice to work with others, we’d  urge you to get involved with the network. To stay in touch and hear about what’s happening next, join the Warrington Permaculture Network Facebook group.

As part of this same initiative, Patch of the Planet will be running a very low-cost, hands-on permaculture learning group in South -Warrington. The group will focus on immersive, shared learning, investigating the principles and practices of permaculture. As we go, we will design and transform an outdoor community space making it as abundant and thriving as we can. It’s an experiment and we’re looking forward to it!

It’s open to all. To get involved with the group, or find out more, get in touch.

More soon…