We are very proud of the very positive reviews we have from our clients. Here are some examples, from our work across the North-West and beyond (bold is our emphasis).

If you would like to discuss a possible garden project with us, please get in touch for an informal chat on 01925 565665 or at info@patchoftheplanet.com

Reviews on some of our garden designs

Donna in Chester:

Neil and Dina are like garden fairy godparents. They wave their wands and turn your vaguest garden dreams into a beautiful garden to enjoy whilst knowing that you are doing the right thing for your patch of the planet and all the creatures and plants that live there. I cannot recommend them enough. They are totally professional and passionate about what they do.


Graham and Catherine in Sale:

“Dina and Neil are lovely people to have transforming your garden, having a professional, calm and friendly approach. They listened well to what we wanted and to any concerns we had, giving options without pushing to extend the budget. We wanted a peaceful and beautiful garden and now have structure and drama without compromising tranquility. Their ideas and planting have completely transformed our garden. We love it!


Sue in Croft:

“I have a traditional cottage and wanted my garden renovated in keeping with the house. Neil and Dina listened to my requirements and produced a plan which I was very pleased with. They then implemented the plan very efficiently. I’m very happy with the result! Thanks Neil and Dina!

Bill in Wigan:

Neil and Dina were brilliant. We wanted a complete re-design of our back garden, and they did everything for us. They produced a number of possible plans and advised us as to possibilities, carried out all the structural alterations, and finished by populating our new garden with the plants we had chosen. They arrived when they said they would, and worked tirelessly, even in the pouring rain, when they were here. Their emphasis is on making an environmentally friendly garden, and we are delighted with the end result. Highly recommended.”

Hayley in Lymm:

We feel so lucky that we were introduced to Patch of the Planet. Neil and Dina are a dream to work with and go above and beyond to transform garden spaces. We provided them with a very vague brief to design and plant a large flower bed and to design and plant our kitchen garden with edibles. Their plans were perfect and we didn’t need to change a thing. Our garden was transformed so quickly and already looks beautiful and established and we are enjoying eating produce from out raised beds already! We have enjoyed the whole process as Neil and Dina have made it all so easy. they have communicated throughout so we always knew what was happening when and we have been left with a wonderful manual giving us step by step advice of how to look after all our plants. I can not recommended their services highly enough, it has been a joy and we can not wait to work with them again on our next phase.” 

Sue in Bangor:

“Patch of the Planet has totally transformed my suburban garden – the designs have given me hope for something so much more magical than I’d ever have dreamed for our small town patch.”


Graham in Lymm:

“Patch of the planet worked with me on a project for a local resident . They took the time to sit down and talk to the resident and clarify his wishes, then sourced a suitable tree, which given it was late in the season was not a straightforward job. They then planted it properly and left the family enthusing about the professional, caring and friendly service received. I would highly recommend them.”

Sandra in Wigan:

“Neil & Dina are designing plans to incorporate our two gardens into one. They have spent time asking questions, discussing likes and dislikes and have come up with a design that fully meets the brief within budget. Their enthusiasm for the project is evident as is their extensive knowledge of plants and design, particularly their expertise in edible plants and environmentally friendly design which really appeals. Neil and Dina are passionate about their work and this has resulted in ideas we would never have thought of without their assistance and knowledge. At the intial meeting their costs and time scheduling were clearly set out. Soil samples have been taken to make sure the right plants are chosen. A very professional service, highly recommended.”

Linda in Grappenhall:

My previously boring suburban garden has been transformed into my dream by Patch of the Planet. The whole garden flows with soft lines and shapes and paths lead to different areas of interest – a wildflower area with seat tucked away for peace and for watching the bees, a pond surrounded by beautiful ferns logs and more, a herb and medicinal plant area whose path flows through to my greenhouse and an enclosed meditation area as well as flowing areas of lawn. A lovely new patio area leads me through an arch into all of this. Neil and Dina listened carefully to what I wanted and gave me suggestions and new ideas. They were very knowledgable and a joy to work with. If I changed my mind about anything they were happy to adapt and discuss my thoughts. My garden is no longer a boring rectangular lawn, it is now a beautiful space that I can enjoy and be proud of. I would highly recommend Patch of the Planet if you want to enjoy the experience of transforming your garden.”


Colette in Manchester:

I am absolutely loving working with Patch of the Planet on my garden transformation. I moved into a house where the back garden consisted of a patch of grass, a few paving slabs, a huge shed and not a lot else. I love being outdoors, surrounded by greenery and nature and really wanted to have a positive impact on the environment and wildlife through my garden. This made Patch of the Planet the perfect match for me. When they visited to view my garden we had a really good chat about what I wanted the end goal to be. I found this hard but they knew the questions to ask to get me thinking about what I wanted to create, how I wanted to use my garden and what elements I needed to have. When they sent the two design options through to me they brought me to tears – in a happy way! I would never have come anywhere close doing this on my own. The way they had included everything I wanted and loads more on top, in a fairly small area, was amazing. Once I’d responded with which of the designs I had chosen to go with they also sent me a planting plan, explaining the reasons for their suggestions which just made so much sense. Without it I would have just gone to a garden centre and bought whatever looked nice, without any consideration for what to plant it next to or what good it would do for the soil. They even followed up with a painting which really helped me see what the finished garden would look like. I’m currently in the middle of bringing the design to life and have made some changes to my plan, mixing elements of both of the designs. I’ve been back in touch with a few questions and they always respond really quickly with such helpful advice. I’m a total novice so I’m sure I ask lots of stupid questions but they never make me feel like that and are just willing to help. I’m so excited about what my garden is becoming and its fantastic that they’re just as excited with the progress. I can’t wait for them to visit again in a couple of weeks to see how I’m getting on. I’m loving transforming my garden so much I’ve even written a blog to capture the progress; https://coletteshappyplace.wordpress.com/



And a taste of feedback from some of our training courses

“That was amazing. I can’t believe how much information is in my head!”

“The delivery was brilliant”

“Not so much a gardening course as a wake-up call to the essence of life and how small acts can make a collective difference.”

“Anyone interested in learning more about gardening and the natural process of growing, then we recommend this course.”

“Thank you both so much for such an inspiring, informative and tailored session last week.  You have given me such a lot to think about.”