We are endeavouring to steward and build a close relationship with one piece of land, and with the natural world around it. As part of that process, we provide for the vast majority of our needs from this patch of the planet, and try to do so in a way that treads lightly on the Earth and works in harmony with nature.

In doing so, we are also seeking, and often finding, a greater simplicity in life. A way of living that is removed from the myth that convenience and consumption are a sign of progress, and instead involves living “a bit more without.”

Here, we share the practical tips, thoughts, ideas, challenges and even the odd recipes that somehow percolate out of this way of living and find their way on to this page. You’ll find more such things, mostly of a practical nature, on our Youtube channel.

If you can garner anything from any of it, then all for the good. No doubt we are not right all of the time, but thoughts are often worth sharing. You’ll find a list of categories below, to help filter topics of interest, or if you prefer, just have a browse.

Neil and Dina